Slowing down the climate change with Zero D

Because ancient forest stocks a tremendous amount of carbon, they will release a huge quantity of greenhouse gas effect, if they are destroyed. Before reforesting, it is urgent to slow down the global deforestation.

We know the deforestation rate is 17 times slower in Indian territories than in the rest of the Amazon (Data ISA, Brazil 2006).

Acknowledging native territories and their autonomy is a fundamental right recognized by the United Nations Chart of Human Rights, but a number of States keep scoffing it.

Zero Deforestation is a solidarity initiative for land restitution to Native people, through a legal process in Ecuador and Peru :

Every acres of Amazonian forest saved enables to protect many vegetal species that could be useful in the future and stocks 260 tons of carbon, the equivalent of the amount of emission generated by 10 millions km with a light car !

Thanks to your help, vast natural extensions with high biodiversity will be protected from shameless exploitation, whether it be forestry, mine, oil or agriculture


Un don pour sauver la forêt et ses habitants

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